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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter my business in the Awards?

Entries for the 7th Annual Australian Road Safety Awards are now open.

Please feel free to nominate a program which has been operating in 2017 via email to Once entries open, we will contact you immediately to finalise your nomination.

Is my organisation eligible to nominate?

Businesses operating in Australia are eligible to nominate for the Awards. This includes:

  • Not-for-profit businesses that are registered companies

The following organisations are not eligible to nominate:

  • Award sponsors are not eligible to nominate in their own sponsored Award category however can enter other categories.

Businesses that are closely tied to Award sponsors, such as parent or subsidiary companies should confirm their eligibility via the enquiry form on this website.

Can my business nominate in more than one category?

Yes, businesses may enter in all nomination categories if they choose.

  • The only category not open for direct nomination is the Founder’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. This is awarded to the most outstanding category winner.

How do I nominate another business/person?

The Awards accept entries by third parties. Please submit the nomination as per the above instructions, and we will contact the relevant nominee for acceptance of the nomination.

We do suggest that any third party nominations be made as early as possible so that the nominee has time to review, add to, and accept the nomination.

Who should I involve in helping to develop my entry?

Enlist the help of people involved in your business. Get a second opinion – once you believe you have completed your entry, seek an opinion from someone impartial.

Please note however that whilst Australian Road Safety Awards staff and agents can answer technical questions relating to the programme, they cannot assist you with your entry.

What is the period that I should be nominating for achievements during?

The awards are designed to reward excellence in each category in the 12 months immediately prior to the date that the awards nomination opens for submission.

Can I provide supporting material?

Yes, supporting material can be provided and if noted in the nomination will be requested once the nomination/submission has been received. Supporting material is not a necessity of the nomination/submission process. However, nominees for all categories are welcome to provide supporting material however it should only be provide if you feel that it will enhance your submission

All material should be referenced within the nomination (i.e. “please see attached DVD”). Supporting material cannot be used to provide attachments which seek to extend responses beyond the 500 word limit allowed in the nomination form. Any supporting material in hard copy should not exceed 20 A4 pages.

How will I know if my entry is received?

An email will be sent to all entrants confirming entries have been received within 5 business days.

What if something changes in my contact details after I submit my entry?

Use the enquiry form on the website to inform us of your detail changes, and we will confirm these within 5 business days from the time the email is received.

What happens to my entry at the conclusion of the Awards?

At the conclusion of the Awards, all hard copies of submissions will be destroyed and not returned. For this reason, please ensure that you keep a copy of your submission for your own records and do not send in the original of any supporting documents, such as press clipping or certificates.

The Awards will retain electronic copies of all entries for probity reasons. All information on these entries will be kept confidential.
Should information from the submission be required to be used for publicity in conjunction with the awards the nominee will be contact prior to the release of the information.

How secure is my entry in terms of confidentiality?

Throughout the judging process the information contained in your submission will only be accessible to Awards staff, its appointed agents, and the Award judges.

Who judges my entry?

The judges are local and national experts drawn from relevant business disciplines.

How will I know if I’m selected as a finalist?

All finalists will receive a phone call in February 2018. An email and letter will be sent to all entrants.

What is the next step if I’m selected as a finalist?

In some circumstance you may be required to submit additional material if requested by the judging panel.

How long should my business have been in operation for?

There is no limited to the number of years your business has been in operation. However, in some categories merit will be given to the sustainability of the project.

How will the finalist or winners logo be used?

The logo may be used on Awards stationery, websites and advertising material in conjunction with the awards or the year of nomination or for the following year.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

All questions relating to the 7th Annual Australian Road Safety Awards must be submitted via the enquiry form on this website. No questions will be answered via telephone. All questions will be answered via return email within 5 business days from the time the email is received.